The Universe

10000 Solana Cyber MEGACY lives and thrives in Universe MEGACY, a secure refuge. We are Tech warriors that believe in the future growth of the NFT and the Metaverse, and we fight to safeguard the NFT world's and Metaverse safety, transparency and peace across the blockchain universe.


What is Solana Cyber MEGACY

Solana Cyber MEGACY is a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 NFTs that make up the Solana blockchain-based Cyber MEGACY, which is made up of over 300 different features. Owners of MEGACY NFTs will enjoy a variety of privileges, including DAO governance, priority early access to services, and profit sharing from operations revenue of MEGACY in the Solana ecosystem.

Cyber MEGACY Rarity

Cyber MEGACY is made up of 19 new elements that can be combined in different ways. Based on qualities, all elements have different versions.

Normal *, Rare** , and Superrare*** are the three levels of rarity.

The rarity ratings of the components are added together. The Cyber MEGACY is divided into five Tiers, each of which corresponds to the amount of components and the rarity of certain elements.

In comparison to Cyber, LEGEND is a Super Super Rare Tier with 45* absolute with power x3 Cyber.

Hyper is only second to LEGEND in Tiers with 44*-45*, but it has a plethora of distinguishing characteristics. In comparison to Cyber, Hyper has a power of x2.5.

Omega are pioneer heroes with excellent equipment, with attack power x2 Cyber at Tiers 35* to 39*.

In Tiers 25* to 34*, Alphas are powerful fighters. They are the pinnacle of the previous Cybers, with x1.5 times the power of the previous Cybers.

Cyber are valiant warriors in Tiers from 15* to 24*. They are completely united and always preserve the NFT and metaverse world's transparency and safety.

Ownership Perks


  • With your MEGACY NFT, you have complete freedom to use, buy & sell in any market.
  • Make unique NFT versions.
  • Use MEGACY NFT as collateral to borrow money.
  • Hold NFT & receive a portion of the platform's revenue profits.

MCY token & DAO

  • Holding NFT MEGACY and receiving airdrop MCY token as a reward for staking + yield farming token MCY & MEGACY NFT.
  • Obtain access to the DAO governing board and participate in administrative DAO voting by holding MEGACY NFT.

MEGACY service

  • Points priority for using and engaging in launchpad products, whitelists, and products in platform.
  • When you use the DEFI NFT service from the platform, you can save up to 50%.
  • Save all transaction fees on the platform.


There are 10000 Unique Solana MEGACY NFT total. We want to build a blue-chip NFT collection and community that values quality, value, and no inflation.

First Solana Blockchain. expand Ethereum & Binance Smart chain later.

The price is 3Sol in Whitelist & 4Sol in Public Mint.

The public mint will be on July 2022.

MEGACY has two different free-mint "NFTdrop" & whitelists available, both of which can be earned by completing tasks, or being active on MEGACY Official Twitter & Discord.